• The Nifty 120 is a robust and versatile trailer mount. It has retractable axles that allow it to pass through a 1.1m wide opening or doorway giving better access to applications.


  • As standard, the Nifty 120 trailer mount comes with hydraulic outriggers to help save time and energy when setting up.


  • Operation is quick, easy and precise due to reliable fully proportional controls and its versatile battery power pack enables the Nifty 120 trailer mounted to work inside and out quietly and with zero emissions.


  • The Nifty 120 trailer mount is a fast, cost effective and safe alternative to ladders and scaffolds.



  • Platform Height w 200 kg capacity 10.20 m

  • Working Height w 200 kg capacity 12.20 m

  • Horizontal Outreach (Std Platform w 200kg) 6.10 m

  • See specification for further information



Evolve easily in the most harsh environments with 160 ATJ diesel aerial work platform.


Equipped with an all-terrain chassis, reinforced structure and a fully galvanized basket, this powerful model is ideal for working safely on all types of soils, including the roughest. High reliability, this units workplatform offers excellent performance and is ideal for the toughest conditions of use.


Ensure comfort and safety for your operators with the exceptional performance of the 160 ATJ articulated boom and access all your outdoor elements located in height.